Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Welcome to Gateway Church!

2014 has been a great year of ministry…Serving Together…Transforming LIVES for JESUS! Don’t forget our 2 year goal…living with a desire to be UNLEASHED!  Click the image below to check out our campaign site!

CHRISTMAS. This special time of year brings up a lot of emotions. The carols we sing are mostly about “tidings of great joy” but to the people who experienced the FIRST Christmas up close & personal, the most common emotion…was FEAR. This Christmas season join the Gateway Family as we explore the Christmas Story…through the eyes of those who welcomed Jesus to the earth. And learn how to embrace the most repeated invitation from God on the pages of Scripture into your life: FEAR NOT!

Be sure to mark your calendar for a special CHRISTMAS EVE celebration! Please share this invitation below with your friends & family. (Image will be available on the Gateway FB Page to share throughout December, 2014)