Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Gateway Life @ Parkesburg

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Welcome to Gateway Church!

2014 is going to be a great NEW YEAR of ministry…Serving Together…Transforming LIVES for JESUS! And it all begins…with a desire to be UNLEASHED!  Click the image below to check out our campaign site!

The corn & soybean fields are turning colors…harvest time is almost here…another season is upon us. FALL is a great time to “get back to the basics”, to remind ourselves of WHO we are called to be, as the CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST. This Fall, Gateway Church will be challenged to LIVE OUT part of this calling, by living out our NAME. Gateway Grace COMMUNITY Church…our full name, calls us to reflect God’s heart for UNITY, & the value of working TOGETHER, for the glory of Jesus. Join us each weekend, through October, inviting GOD to be in the MIDDLE of all you do. To learn how to be a responsible PARTNER. To CONNECT well. To GROW as a TEAM. To share God’s heart…that loves to GIVE. We. Are. COMMUNITY. Let’s LIVE LIKE IT!